Morocco afflicted by torpor, inaction and routine

le 16 avril 2018

As the first quarter of 2018 draws to a close, apart from the good news to be had about the prospect of a decent agricultural harvest, there is an ongoing feeling that the global situation is on ‘stand-by’, while a sense of sluggishness prevails, a feeling of gloominess, the cause of which has nothing to do with the fact that we are in the final throes of what has been a particularly harsh winter this year.

Of course, the government ‘governs’, parliament ‘parleys’ and ministers ‘administer’, but it is a far cry from an environment that is conducive to getting things done, from a sense of dynamism, a willingness to act and a lack of impetus ‘from on high’, which so often provides a fillip…

By contrast, the main issues and conversations are dominated by fake news and rumours, not only among the vulgum pecus but, also, at the very highest echelons of power, whose strategic departments are beset by a sense of torpor.

While the performance of the tourism industry is more than respectable, a department such as the ONMT has not had a General Manager since the beginning of autumn 2017. The Kingdom’s renewed appeal undoubtedly owes much to external factors but is that reason enough to leave this institution waiting for an actual boss?

The same question applies to the Press Council, which we have been promised for ages. Everything is ready, we are assured by the Department of Communications, except that the candidates, aside from SNPM apparatchiks, are not exactly plentiful, particularly for the Directors of Publication college, while the written press is dying a slow death and the new contract program with the State shuttles back and forth between the various administrative departments…

What can one say about the ‘major issues’ that galvanise public opinion, reduced, unfortunately, to the antics of a few lawyers in need of personal advertisement, for never-ending trials, which perpetuate the lack of interest and sense of weariness…

What about the sackings endured by the brightest of Morocco’s female intelligentsia such as Dr. Asma Lamrabet, guilty, in the eyes of some old codgers, of expending her mental faculties in advocating ijtihad?

Beyond the various debates on job creation, how can one expect unemployment to fall when GDP growth remains hostage to rainfall and is, when all is said and done, still too weak to ensure a genuine economic recovery?

What about the ongoing climate of social tension, as illustrated by the recent happenings in Jerada, while trade unions make their presence felt on the eve of Labour Day?

Who cares whether it is simply play-acting or a genuine desire to do battle, knowing full well that neither the State budget nor corporate treasuries are able to meet the wage demands of labour organisations which, deserted by the activists, are less and less representative.

And what about Management, which seemed to enjoy a bright spell under the rule of a certain Lady, but which now finds itself waiting for the ‘right candidate’?

Where are the political parties, apart from the PJD, which is gradually clearing its ranks of the Benkirane lot and the RNI, which is diligently preparing for a leading role, which the other parties, limp, lifeless, demoralised and occasionally disowned, will not be able to deny it in a few months’ time?

What has happened to our sacred cause of national unity and the defence of our territorial integrity, just a few weeks before the report of the United Nations’ Secretary-General is published, which will recommend extending (or not) the MINURSO mandate?

Is the issue about the Moroccan Sahara ‘alien’ to our people?

Are we aware that our youngsters are losing their way for lack of prospects and alternatives, their only business being to live with their eyes permanently riveted to their smartphones, surfing social media, which buries them under a mountain of lewd videos and false information?

As the saying goes, “If a single sole is missing, then the entire world feels empty”. No comment!


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