The terrible lesson to be learnt from Imlil is to wage a relentless war against the terrorist hydra

le 14 janvier 2019

Fear, anger, revulsion and horror, this is what Moroccans feel after the savage double-assassination of two young women, tourists from northern Europe, who were spending their holidays trekking on the slopes of Toubkal.

Very quickly, no doubt, the security authorities took matters into their own hands and in less than forty-eight hours, four suspects were arrested.

Individuals who, according to judicial sources, had pledged allegiance to Daesh several days prior to committing their horrible crime.

A few hours later, the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ) arrested nine other people in relation to the suspects.

The consequences of these ignominious acts perpetrated by savage and basically illiterate brutes, as confirmed by their curricula vitae, will unfortunately be terrible for our country, its image abroad, tourism in general and, in particular, visitors to Marrakech and its region.

These terrorist murders have provided the international media, the television channels, with ample material. The Kingdom, through no fault of its own, once again finds itself categorised alongside unsafe, dangerous and blacklisted countries.

The tourism industry, which was doing better, without the Ministry of Tourism realising it, will undeniably be affected by this heinous act. It is feared that the performance of the sector will suffer over the coming weeks and months.

Notwithstanding the fact that these alleged assassins will most certainly be sentenced to the maximum penalty, one cannot help wondering about the causes and responsibilities that led to this terrible event.

Indeed, it would be entirely inappropriate to question the efficiency of the security forces and the latter’s admirable track record when it comes to terrorist cells.

The BCIJ, in particular, is equal to the enormous responsibility entrusted to it and, together with the other services, its work deserves the highest praise.

But there is no such thing as zero risk, and the ultimate proof is there for all to see in what happened in our mountains.

It is well known that the Imlil region, where these murders took place, is visited by many foreign tourists, particularly those who enjoy mountain trekking.

This niche tourism segment, which has seen rapid development in recent years, is highly appealing to foreigners who are looking for outdoor adventure in beautiful landscapes, where Nature remains untouched and unspoilt.

While it is estimated that more than 25,000 foreigners visit this region each year, are we entirely sure that they can travel in safety and that the human and material resources are in place to prevent every conceivable type of risk?

Quite obviously, the answer is no, since these two young women were killed a few hundred metres from a village, while their killers, who were not local residents, also camped in the same place, most certainly with the intention of carrying out their terrible plans to assassinate foreign tourists.

As far as we are aware from the information available, there was no security force in the area. And, until that fateful night, anyone who wanted to, could stay in the area.

The damage, the terrible damage has now been done.

We’ll need to start all over again, put this ignoble act behind us, reassure and convince, urbi et orbi, that the Kingdom remains a safe and hospitable country.

In just one night, four thick brutes wanted to destroy what Morocco and Moroccans have built for years, trust!

The second lesson to be learnt in the wake of this unspeakable tragedy, besides reinforcing security for foreigners, is to ensure that, the incessant and resolute combat again the ideas and perceptions, as false as they are bloodthirsty, of the followers of Daesh and those who propound a vision of terror and obscurantism, remains a top priority.

The Moroccan people, on social media in particular, by gathering near the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Rabat to pay their respects, via the national media also, as well as the firm and rapid response shown by the authorities, demonstrated their compassion, their rejection of the unspeakable horror embodied in these murders.

We must now go further and faster.

We must show zero tolerance for all demonstrations of fundamentalism, including those at the intellectual level and we must implement targeted action against media sources that support, even indirectly, the bestial brutes who committed the irreparable in Imlil.

And this time, no question of burying our heads in the sand.

We must wage a relentless war against the monstrous hydra of Takfirist, Salafist and jihadist fundamentalism as long as it continues to pervert minds in Morocco itself!

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